2017 National FINAL

This year's AATFA National Final is going home!

For the first time since AATFA became a national event in 2006, the 2017 AATFA National Final will be held in Western Australia.




This year's inaugural WA national final will be held in the city of Mandurah on October 21st.

For students lucky enough to be chosen as Leading Designers at their AATFA State Final, they will progress through to the National Final.

Each National Finalist will be funded to attend the National Final, which includes flights and accommodation, and transfer to the Atrium Hotel at Mandurah, which will serve as AATFA home base for the National Final Youth Festival.

Students must enter this years competition by completing the Online Entry Form and ensuring that they have completed ALL details within this form. ENTRIES THAT HAVE NOT BEEN COMPLETED CORRECTLY WILL BE DEEMED AS INELIGIBLE.

Further information regarding the AATFA National Finals will be posted, including ticket sales and accommodation options for parents and families.


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