Ruth's Amazing Journey

9 Jul 2018

AATFA is an incredible initiative for giving high school students with fashion and costume passion the boost they need to get into the industry. I've found AATFA awards to be nationally recognised and treated with high respect by universities and in the workplace.

In 2010 I won the WA Designer of the Year, 3rd place in Wearable Art, 2nd Place in Evening Wear and the Encouragement Award at Nationals. The experience and the recognition of my work at AATFA helped me to maintain my motivation to really purse a serious career in Costume Design.

That first boost got me through 4 years of intensive study at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Upon graduation I moved to the UK, working for a year designing for music artists, such as Rita Ora. Also designing and styling commercials for large brands such as Pantene and Lexus.

I now work full time in the film industry, working on large movies such as Mission Impossible and Disney's Aladdin. I can truly say that I'm not sure I would have had so much confidence throwing myself into this career without that very first experience of AATFA.

Competing in AAFTA validated my skills, my passion for design and my ability to tackle a tough challenge. 

Best wishes,

Ruth Mongey