The Categories

When: From July to October
Where: Regional & State Finals across Australia.

The AATFA Youth Festival is open to all schools, both private and government throughout Australia. All schools are contacted and invited to participate in the program.

The event comprises of four key categories:

Casual Wear
This category covers all general daywear including sports wear, beachwear and leisure wear. This category is technically judged. Casual Criteria

Formal Wear
This section covers all types of clothing worn to Balls or Gala events and includes garments suitable for after 5pm, graduation ceremonies or evening wear. This category is technically judged. Formal Criteria.

Wearable Art
This section allows the entrant’s full creative talents to be paraded. Construction and material is left to the imagination of the entrant. This category is not technically judged. Wearable Art Criteria.

Society & Environment
This category allows the entrants to portray a garment depicting a civilization, a background or surrounding. This garment could be an opportunity for the student to make a statement on an issue that they are passionate about.  The category will be judged on the same criteria as the wearable art section. Society & Environment Criteria.

Costume & Theatrical
Costume design is the investing of clothing and the overall appearance of a character or performer. ... Costumes may be for a theatre, cinema, or musical performance but may not be limited to such. Garments submitted in this category may be part of a theme or collection of not more than four. This category is not technically judged. Costume & Theatrical Criteria.


Contact your State Coordinator to discuss further how your Garment fits into each Category Contact Us